Terms and Conditions

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1. Visa To Rus provides:

— Consultation (concerning getting the invitation)
— Tourist invitations (which consists of tourist confirmation and tourist/travel voucher) and the itinerary list (if required)
— Business invitations
— Medical insurance policy
— Sending an invitation/medical insurance to the Client`s e-mail
— Visa registration
— Delivery of original documents (additional fee can be charged)
— Other services on the Client's request, if the Company can provide them

2. Visa To Rus doesn't issue Russian visas. Visas are issued by the Russian Consulates on the basis of Visa Invitations.

3. Visa To Rus is not responsible for delays in delivery of documents due to the fault of Russian Post, FedEx, UPS or DHL.

4. Visa To Rus does not include Consular fees for visas. Consulate where your visa is issued will charge fees.

5. Visa To Rus provides all services according to its Price list valid from the moment of accepting the client's order. In case the order is cancelled or is being changed due to a Customer's fault after it has already been proceeded and paid, the refund cannot be made.

6. In case of Client needs to change the tourist invitation for any reason, then:

— within 24 hours after sending the invitation, any changes are made free of charge
— after 24 hours after sending the invitation, any changes are made with a 50% discount on the cost of services and to the discretion of manager

7. Prepayment is required for any order. With the exception of corporate clients/partners who have signed a contract with Visa To Rus.

8. Visa To Rus promises to provide service or answer any question during the period from 9:00 till 19:00 (Moscow time, GTM+3) Monday – Friday. Saturday and Sunday are days off.

9. Visa To Rus reserves the right to decide which services and in what form the Client is provided with.

10. Visa To Rus and Client agree to maintain in strict confidence all the information collected on each side.

11. Visa To Rus reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any moment. Client can see the latest edition of Terms and Conditions on this page (this page).

12. All information and data located on the Visa To Rus web site is exclusive property of Visa To Rus, protected under law and can be used only for personal non-commercial purposes.

13. Please pay attention that time of processing business invitations via Federal Migration Department are always approximate, there can be delays in issuing. We do not guarantee you the readiness of the invitation within the specified period. The time of issuing documents remains under FMS control.